Friday, 3 March 2017

What is Salt ? - نمک کیا ہے؟

Salt is one of the very important thing in pakistani, Indian and many others countries traditional foods and you use Salt only for make a better taste of your dishes.It is a natural way to give minerals to your is very important thing for humans and animals but sometime you should avoid to eat to much salt with foods so you should use only as you need or how much you need.

Salt is not a critical thing for your life but sometime it could be dangerous if you have Blood Pressure so avoid to use salt if you have disease this type of , Salt is a natural minerals and a gift of the God for humans we have deferent types of salt in the market and every type of salt have deferent types of the qualities so you should know about them Garlic salt ,frout salt , black salt and sea salt are the most important things to improve the taste of your foods.

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