Wednesday, 15 March 2017

what is Cooking oil ? - کوکنگ آئل کیا ہے۔

Cooking oil
what is Cooking oil 
Cooking Oil is a very important ingredient for cooking in India and Pakistan you could not cook any thing with out Cooking Oil is a purified fat of seeds and animals origin which have we available in a liquid and this liquid could be dangerous for much use of oil so avoid to much use of oil in your cooking.

We have many types of  Cooking Oil in market like Olive oil, Palm oil, Vegetables oil, Fish oil,  Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Corn oil and many other seeds oil are available on the market in liquid, but they have deferrents colors but most of the uses are equals.

Fish oil is one of the very important oil you can treatment of the many diseases with this oil we have (some) benefits of Fish oil please read.
  1. we can reduce any type of inflammation with this cooking and it is a best medicine for inflammation.
  2. It is a best Cancer Prevention for every one and Cancers patients can use this.
  3. Fish oil is a best thing for joint pain and you can remove any type of joint pain.

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