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Seafood Chowder Soup Recipes - سی فوڈ چائوڈر ترکیب

seafood chowder soup recipes
Seafood Chowder Soup Recipes

Seafood Chowder Soup Ingredients

  1. shrimps (two hundred fifty) grams
  2. Boneless Fish (two hundred fifty) grams
  3. Salt as you would like
  4. Crushed Garlic (one) tsp
  5. Potato (two) very little
  6. Egg Noodles (one hundred) grams
  7. Mashrooms (Six) TO (Eight)
  8. Soup (Three) Cup
  9. ground black pepper (One) Tsp
  10. Vinegar (Four) tsp
  11. Spring Onion (Three) or (Four)
  12. selery (Two) or (Three) tsp
  13. Butter (Two) tbsp
  14. Cocking Oil (Two) tbsp

Recipe food soup Soup

  • First clean the sharimps and fish and them wash completely Garlic , Salt and Ground black Pepper combine togeather with fish and shrimps merenate for (Ten) to (Fifteen) minutes on fredge.
  • Cut the Mashroom in (Two) peces wash onion and selery and so chop simply clean the potatoes and pell them simply cut tiny|the tiny|the insufficient|the limited|the miscroscopic} small items poached noodles during a salt water for (Ten) to (Twelve) minutes.
  • Just place the oil in pan and warmth the low flame and simply add onion and selery and fry solely (Two) minutes.
  • Add {little|very very little} items of potatoes and Soup lid of on the pan for (Twenty) minutes in low flame and chop the potatoes little add the Butter on the pan and additionally add merinete Fish and Shrimps and fry in high flame for (Four) minutes then add mashromes and fry for (Two) minutes and add potatoes mixture right away get pleasure from your food soup soup is prepared.


Put the Noodles on the dish and so place the new hot soup on that garlish with very little salt and pepper.

Now Enjoy Your Seafood Chowder Soup Recipes


Shahzaib Khan said...

Wow mouthwatering and very tasty looking recipe. I will definitely try this at home. Have you tried Pakistani Cooking Recipes I love all Pakistani Recipes and mostly the fast food by chef gulzar recipes

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