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Bitter Cucumber With Eggs Recipe - بھٹر کوکمبر ود ایگز ترکیب

bitter cucumber with eggs recipe
bitter cucumber with eggs recipe

Bitter Cucumber With Eggs Recipe Ingredients

  1. Bitter Cucumber (one) kg
  2. Eggs (two)
  3. Onions (two)
  4. Salt (as you need)
  5. Green Chillies (some)
  6. Cooking Oil (half) cup

Bitter Cucumber With Eggs Recipe Method

  • Heats Cooking Oil in a pan and add finely chopped onions and fry till the onions brown.
  • Just finely cut bitter melon and just add Salt and Red Chillies fry the bitter melon till the change of colour.
  • So remove the bitter melon in other dish and Little add little Cooking Oil and adds also a Egg and Bitter melon and Cook for (few) Minutes and know your Recipe is Ready.

Now Enjoy Your Bitter Cucumber With Eggs Recipe

Beef Behari Boti Recipe - بیف بیہاری بوٹی ترکیب

beef behari boti recipe
beef behari boti recipe

Beef Behari Boti Recipe Ingredients

  1. Beaf (half) kg
  2. Salt (as you need)
  3. Red Chillies Powder (one) tbsp
  4. Garlic and Ginger Powder or Paste (one) tbsp
  5. Black Pepper Powder (one) tsp
  6. Garam Masala Powdered (one) tsp
  7. Cooking Oil (three) tbsp
  8. Green Chillies Paste (two) tbsp
  9. Papaya Paste (four) tbsp
  10. Yogurt (half) cup
  11. Meat Tenderizing Powdered (one) tsp
  12. Lettuce, Lemons and Tomatoes For Garnish
Beef Behari Boti Recipe Method
  • First of all mix papaya paste and salt together and apply paste to the beef and place to the fridge to the marinate for the all night 
  • Mix all the spices to gather next day and leave for (one) hour on low flame and cooked.
  • After that cook on the very low flame for dum till the meet is tender is cooker now your recipe is ready Just serve with the Green Chutney.
Now Enjoy Your Beef Behari Boti Recipe Method

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Dimer Kosha Very Tasty Eggs recipe - ڈمر کوشا مذیدار انڈہ ترکیب

dimer kosha very tasty eggs recipe
dimer kosha very tasty eggs recipe

Dimer Kosha Very Tasty Eggs recipe Ingredients

  1. Hen Eggs (four)
  2. Fresh Onions (two)
  3. Fresh Tomatoes (two)
  4. Dry Curry Leaves (some)
  5. Fresh Green Chillies (two)
  6. Red Chillies Powdered (one) tbsp
  7. Salt (as you need)
  8. Tomatoes Sauce (one) tbsp

Sugar Ingredients

  1. Cumin Seeds Powdered (one) tbsp
  2. Coriander Powdered (one) tbsp
  3. Gingers and Garlics Powdered or Pastes (one) tbsp

Dimer Kosha Very Tasty Eggs recipe Method

  • Finely Cut Like Chopped onions and tomatoes and green chillies and last ingredient curry leaves.
  • Just Boil your eggs finely and combined liquid body substancein and coriander powder with ginger garlic powderd or pastes in an exceedingly bowl.
  • Cut the eggs length wise with a knife as you like to eat.
  • Just Light-weight fry the eggs and keep all boiled eggs aside.
  • Heat oil in pan and then add the sliced onions.
  • Fry it till it brown. Pour the higher than mixture with tomatoes and best spaghetti sauce.
  • Stir well . and Add greens chillies and curry leaves.
  • If necessary add very little water. cowl the lid for (five)-Minutes. recently just add the deep-fried eggs.
  • And just Serve it with rice and roti or chapati.
Now Enjoy Your Dimer Kosha Very Tasty Eggs recipe

Urad Dal Bukhara & Chicken recipes - ارد دال بکھارا اور مرغی ترکیب

urad dal bukhara & chicken recipes
urad dal bukhara & chicken recipes

Urad Dal  Bukhara & Chicken Recipe Ingredients

  1. Chickens (half) kgs
  2. Boilled Red Lentils Beans (one) cup
  3. Dry Plumb (two hundred) grams
  4. Cumin Powdered (two) tsp
  5. Gingers or Garlics (two) tsp
  6. Turmeric Powdered (one) tsp
  7. Red Chillies Flakes (two) tsp
  8. Fried Brown Onions (one)
  9. Salt (as you need) or (one) tsp
  10. Green Chillies (four)
  11. Green Corianders (half) cup

For Tarka Ingredients

  1. Cooking Oil (half) cup
  2. Ginger Paste (two) tbsp
  3. Cumin seeds (two) tsp
  4. Curry Dry Leaves (ten)

Urad Dal  Bukhara & Chicken Recipe Method

  • Wash chicken and add in dried plums and just crushed cumin seeds and add in ginger or garlic paste and (one) tsp turmerice, red chillies flakes, cooked or fry onions, (one) tsp salt and a couple of cups water.
  • once the chicken tenders, add in poached lentil, (half) cup red lentil and (one) cup water. Cook it for (ten) minutes
  • Add in green chillies and (half) bunch green bunch. Add in (one) cup Cooking oil and a couple of tbsp sliced ginger, a pair of cumin seeds and curry leaves. Add the tarka on daal and serve.

Now Enjoy Your Urad Dal  Bukhara & Chicken

Chicken Strips - چکن اسٹرپس

chicken strips recipe
 chicken strips

Chicken Strips

it is a very famous recipe website today i will show you how to make chicken strips very easy in urdu for all my pakistani brothers and sisters it is a very delicious dish and it is also a homemade recipe  you can learn here how to make or cook chicken strips in urdu hindi quick and easy method it is a very healthy recipe if you are looking for bofallo or chicken recipes so join my blog cookingpakistan1.

Chicken Strips recipes
Chicken Strips recipes

Saturday, 10 June 2017

kachay meet ki biryani recipe - کچے گوشت کی بریانی ترکیب

kachay meet ki biryani recipe
kachay meet ki biryani recipe

kachay beef ki biryani recipe Ingredients

  1. Beef (one) kg
  2. Red Chillies Powder (two) tbsp
  3. Turmeric Powdered (two) tbsp
  4. Salt (as you need)
  5. Ginger & Garlic Liquid (two) tbsp
  6. Hot Masala Powdered (two) full tbsp
  7. Papaw or Papita kacha (one) tbsp
  8. Yogurt (half) kg grams
  9. Cooking Oil (½) cup
  10. Brown Colour Onions (two) cups
  11. Green Coriander (one) cups
  12. Green Mint (one) cup
  13. Green Chillies (ten to eleven) pieces

Rice Ingredients

  1. Rice Good Quality (half) kg
  2. Black Zeeera (one) tsp
  3. Hot Masala (as you need)
  4. Salt (five) tbsp

kachay meet ki biryani recipe Method

  • First of all ingredients of meet in one bowl and leave it for (all night).
  • While not oil and onion and just add (one & half) cup onions on it when (five) hours in meet and once again leave it for some time.
  • And then heat up Cooking Oil add meet in it and very blend it for (couple of minutes) and then add coriander, mint, lemon juice, boil rice in it.
  • Then after that add orange colors and remaining brown onions and canopy it very nicely and just leave it only for (two) hours on little low steam.
  • And after that then just check beef is steamed or not. 


  • Soke rice in normal water for (one) hours befor boiling your rice.
  • Then just take boil water in massive pan and you add black zeera, All Hot masala powdered and salt in it and boil then add the rice in it.
  • After that boil it and remove all the rice out from water once again its become one kani.

Final Step: 

  • Finally just take the giant pot and then place the rice layer on it curry layer and then rice and curry until the each finish.
  • After that eventually garnish it with coriander and serve hot.
Now Enjoy Your kachay meet ki biryani recipe

Tasty Homemade Cookies Recipe - مذیدار گھر کے تیار بسکٹ ترکیب

homemade cookies recipe
tasty homemade cookies recipe

Tasty Homemade Cookies Recipe Ingredients

  1. Pure Brown Sugar (half) cup
  2. Shortening (half) cup
  3. Butter or Margarine (half) cup
  4. Vanilla Es sense (half) tsp
  5. Eggs (one) only
  6. Gold Medal All & Purpose Flour (one) cup
  7. Salt (as you need)
  8. Jelly chopped (as you need)

Tasty Homemade Cookies Recipes Method

  • Heat oven to (three hundred and fifty c)(degree)F
  • Combine brown sugar, shortening, butter, vanilla Es sense and egg yolk in Little bowl.
  • Stir in flour and salt till dough holds along. 
  • Shape dough into (one) inches balls.
  • Beat eggs white very slightly.
  • Just Dip each ball into egg white.
  • Roll in all dry frouts or nuts.
  • Place about (one) inch apart on ungreased cookies sheet.
  • Press thumb deeply in the center of every ball of cookies
  • Bake after (Ten) minute or til light brown.
  • And remove very hurry from cookies sheet to wire raack.
  • Coool fully, concerning (half) hours.
  • prints with jelly on the top of cookies.

Now Enjoy Your Tasty Homemade Cookies Recipe

Friday, 9 June 2017

Dal ki Bhajya Recipe - دال کی بھجیا ترکیب

dal ki bhajiya recipe
dal ki bhajiya recipe

Dal ki Bhajya Recipe Ingredients

  1. Petite Yellow Lentils Split Beans or Dal Mong (three hundred seventy five) grams
  2. Salt (as you need)
  3. Red Chillies Powder (as you need)
  4. Onion (finely cut)
  5. Green Coriander & Green Chillies (as you need or required) mix 
  6. Cooking Oil and Pan (for deep frying)

Dal ki Bhajya Recipe Method

  • Wash your daal or beans and soak for someday.
  • Chilka can separate.
  • Then grind in chopper and Leave for sometime to ferment rather like you allow dish dough with yeast.
  • In summers it takes (less time) could need to add a bit leavening in winter for bhajyas to rise.
  • Then add salt as you need, red chillies powder, cut onions, green chillies and Coriander.
  • Wet palm and create Tikyas and deep fry.
  • Tastes nice if eaten up with hari chutney or with Tomato Katchup.

Now Enjoy Your Dal ki Bhajya Recipe

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